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"An Evening of Classical Music" June 16th, 2005
at Christ Church Cathedral beginning at 8:00 p.m. 



Jamie Sturrup-Baritone Kristi King-Soprano
Leon Wilson-Trumpet Donniecea Rahming-Flute
Allison Dean-Piano Geoffrey Sturrup-Organ
Chorale Ensemble Dishon Rolle-Saxophone
GHS Hand Bell Ensemble Strings 'n Tings
Kendrick F.Coleby-Piano  Catharine Archer-Soprano

This concert is another in a series whereby AGI seeks to promote young talented musicians. There is no charge for this event, however an offering will be collected to defray expenses.

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Picture Gallery (Click to enlarge)

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Kristi King-Soprano

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Allison Dean-Piano

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Donniecea Rahming-Flute

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Jamie Sturrup-Baritone

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Dishon Rolle-Saxophone

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GHS Hand Bell Ensemble

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GHS Hand Bell Ensemble

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Catharine Archer-Soprano

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Chorale Ensemble

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Leon Wilson-Trumpet

050616j.jpg (72619 bytes)
Strings ' n Tings

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Thanks to Kendrick Coleby!

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Geoffrey Sturrup-Organ